Got Questions?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do you train?

We have a kids boxing and judo program, and around 13-15 years old, kids can transition to BJJ if they want.  Judo is a better structure for kids younger than teenagers, and teaches discipline, commitment, and confidence. 

Can I try all of the classes, or am I limited?

With a standard membership, you can try all of the disciplines that we offer at OKC Combat Sports.  We offer a single membership, or a family membership for 4 people. 

Where are you located?

We are located at 306 N. Klein, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.  We are on the northeast corner of NW 2nd Street and Klein Ave., which sits one block west of NW 2nd and Western.  

What do I need to bring to class?

If you are doing judo or jiu jitus, you should always have a gi, shorts, and a rashguard.  Some classes are gi, and some are no gi.  If you dont have a gi, we have them for sale, and start at $85 for kids, and $105 for adults. No shoes are allowed on the mat.

If you are training in boxing, then you will need wraps, and gloves.  You can wear shorts, t shirts, or sweats, and shoes are allowed in the boxing area. If you don’t have wraps or gloves, we have them for sale.  Wraps are $10 and gloves are $49.

How many times can I train a week?

You are not limited to how many times you can train a week, all of our memberships are unlimited. 

Do you have a refer a friend program?

Yes, for every friend that you have sign up, we will give you $10 toward your membership, or merchandise. 

How do promotions work?

Promotions are available in judo and jiu jitsu.  Kids promote a little faster than adults, but generally, it is about 3 months before you will become proficient enough to promote to the next level.  As you continue, promotions may include longer periods of time.  For example, an adult may be promoted to yellow belt in judo in about 3 months.   It may take them 6 months or more after that to be promoted to green belt, and years beyond that to be promoted to brown belt.  The key to promotions is consistency, and logging your time by making sure you check in to all classses that you attend through the zen planner app. 

What is a family membership?

Family memberships are for 4 members of a nuclear family living together. That would be a mother, father, and kids living in the same household.  Best friends living together doesn’t count, don’t ask.