We are located at 306 N. Klein, Oklahoma City, OK 73106.  We are on the northeast corner of NW 2nd Street and Klein Ave., one block west of NW 2nd and Western.

OKC Combat Sports was founded by Mike Darter, Travis Serna, Brian Picklo, Jon Combs, and James Head.   These 5 individuals have been studying various martial arts, and combat sports for most of their adult lives.  They have trained together for the past 10+ years in various schools in Oklahoma City and Texas.

Mike Darter and Brian Picklo both previously had judo schools in OKC and Mustang, respectively.  Brian Picklo was also the wrestling coach for Mustang High School for the past 6 seasons, and they had one of the best programs in the state during that stretch. Under Picklo, Mustang placed second at three state tournaments, had one dual state runner-up finish and won the dual state title in 2021.

 These 5 came together in 2020 and decided to once again open a training academy together to continue teaching judo, jiu jitsu, and boxing.

Travis Serna, Jon Combs, and Brian Picklo have all been instrumental in creating an ongoing BJJ training program for the Oklahoma City Police Department, and that continues today through OKC Combat Sports.

James Head, who was a former UFC fighter, had a strong boxing and BJJ background.  James leads the boxing, along with Alex Saucedo, a former profession boxer who challenged for the WBO light welterweight title in 2018. 

If you are new to combat sports, or have competed in high levels, OKC Combat Sports offers some of the best coaching and instruction in the metro area.  



Simply put, “Learn from the past”.  Tradition in martial arts is very important.  It is the customs and beliefs on the effective and efficient ways of training that has been passed down from generation to generation.  


“Treat others as you wish to be treated”. In martial arts, respect can be defined as: The deep admiration for those who came before us and their abilities, qualities, or achievements in the world, as well as those in our present, and future. 


"Never give up!"  When things get tough, we don't have the option to take the easy way out.  In martial arts, as in life, you can only get to where you are going by staying on the path.  There are no shortcuts, and it's not always easy.  But there is always a way. 


"We're all in this together".  In martial arts, the path to progression is forged through hard work, and community. Coaches, training partners, and even opponents will help you achieve your destiny.  You can't do it alone.