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Simply put, “Learn from the past”.  Tradition in martial arts is very important.  It is the customs and beliefs on the effective and efficient ways of training that has been passed down from generation to generation.  


“Treat others as you wish to be treated”. In martial arts, respect can be defined as: The deep admiration for those who came before us and their abilities, qualities, or achievements in the world, as well as those in our present, and future. 


"Never give up!"  When things get tough, we don't have the option to take the easy way out.  In martial arts, as in life, you can only get to where you are going by staying on the path.  There are no shortcuts, and it's not always easy.  But there is always a way. 


"We're all in this together".  In martial arts, the path to progression is forged through hard work, and community. Coaches, training partners, and even opponents will help you achieve your destiny.  You can't do it alone. 


*Family memberships cover 4  family members living in one household as a nuclear family.  Will require main member to contact staff to add family members. Please see a staff member or email

** First responder discounts are for single memberships only, and will be applied after joining. Please see a staff member or email

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